Unlike the real Pink Floyd, The Pink Floyd Dimension are not particularly wealthy, and whilst one of them used to live on a boat, rather than it being a floating recording studio on The Thames, it was actually an old barge at Upware Marina, which eventually sank thanks to a curiously serious case of wood worm. Another member of TPFD also had an extensive collection of Ferraris – but they were manufactured by Dinky, Matchbox and Corgi. That’s where the differences between the two bands stop. Hailing from Cambridge, Pink Floyd’s home town, TPFD feature 8 musicians with a wealth of experience derived from playing with bands such as The Enid, The Young Punx and Katrina and The Waves. They are the most accurate tribute to the music of Pink Floyd having spent hours painstakingly dissecting the classic work of the band so it can be performed live as originally recorded. Close your eyes and let The Pink Floyd Dimension transport you back to a balmy summer’s evening in the Country, lying down in the long grass listening to The Dark Side of The Moon on your walkman.

TPFD is all about the music of Pink Floyd, played by people who have grown up with and who love the music of Pink Floyd. The show isn’t about gimmicks or fancy dress – it’s simply about a group of genuine enthusiasts passionately recreating the ‘experience’ of a Pink Floyd show for the pleasure of the audience. It’s about transporting those present at a TPFD show into the Pink Floyd Dimension.

We hope you will be able to join us at one of our shows and share our enthusiasm and love for the music of Pink Floyd.


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